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Theater Video & Audio

FACT.  A good Home Theater projector and screen is still by far, the least expensive way to get yourself a “real” Home Theater sized picture (100 + inch diagonal) and performance installed in your home, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. It’s simply the best choice for your living room, basement theater, or even a spare bedroom (yes we have). And they’re also less expensive to deliver, and easier to install than a large flat panel TV too!


screen size


Good projectors and screens are so much better in so many ways. And once you experience them, you will never go back. There is simply nothing else like it. They’re the ultimate in affordable home entertainment, and work beautifully in virtually any room 10' x 15' or larger, even with the lights on. So if you like watching movies, TV specials, sports events, rock concert videos or even big screen gaming, this is definitely "the only way to fly". Or if you simply want to get the kids out of your hair, and especially if you’re entertaining guests, absolutely nothing beats the performance of a True Home Theater.


Here’s how we do it:


Projectors:  For real Home Theater level performance, we provide only Professional grade extra bright, or lifetime lamp free Laser projectors, designed “specifically” for Home Theater use. With either native Full HD, or 4K / 4Ke resolutions. We will never recommend or sell inferior Boardroom or Data format model projectors for a Home Theater installation. They were never designed to do Home Theater video properly, and they never will be, no matter what the price is.

HT projector

acoust transp screen

Screens:  To get the best possible picture and performance out of your great new Home Theater projector, you need an equally well manufactured screen. Not some cheap offshore pull-down model which shows wrinkles and hot spots, that you might find others willing to just throw in on the deal. We provide only top quality fixed frame or motorized Home Theater screens. As well as our favourite acoustically transparent models, which allow you to hide all the front speakers behind the screen, just like the commercial cinemas do

Sound:  Another very important fact to remember. The picture is really only half of the actual Home Theater experience. The other, and equally important half, is the quality of the surround sound and bass performance. Without which, the whole big screen exercise ends up being just a totally underwhelming waste of time, and money. High definition video deserves high definition audio. Which is the only level of quality we are willing to provide. Via either virtually hidden audio systems, or out in the open designs. The choice is entirely yours.

surround sound

no soundbars

Speakers:  We don’t do soundbars. We refuse. They are just cheaply made and terrible sounding things. With the equivalent of computer grade speakers and underpowered amplifiers by comparison. All of them. And completely unnecessary. Instead, for those who choose not to go with in-wall speaker installations, we provide much higher quality “separate” Left, Center and Right channel speakers. That when lined up, look just as good as a soundbar, but sound 4 times better, and for the same or less money. We also provide you with a serious 12 inch subwoofer, for true theater quality bass performance you can feel as well as hear. All connected to a proper high powered brand name home theater receiver, to make it all work right.