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Theater Room & Furniture

home theater room


At True Home Theater, we’re not just about the equipment and electronics, like all the rest.

We also provide you a select collection of all the most popular high quality Home Theater Room accessories, accents and decor components you’ve been looking for, in order to make your dream project complete. As well as all the skilled partners and contractors you’ll ever need, to install and construct the entire finished product, in just the way you imagined it.

Whether you’re renovating an existing room, or building from scratch, as part of new home construction, we can save you both time and money. And for all but the largest or most opulent projects, our design work is always free of charge.

So, if you really are finally looking to create a truly authentic high quality Home Theater experience, but at a price you can still afford, we are definitely the right guys to call.


Here’s just a little of what we can provide, if you’re having us build your room for you:

(However, both the Home Theater seating and Movie Poster frames can also be purchased on an individual basis)


Theater Room Lighting:  There are literally hundreds of thousands of different light fixtures and ways to install lighting in your home theater room. However, there are a much smaller number of truly classic looking, harder to find and sought after “theater styled” wall sconces that are still being made. And these are the ones we can get for you. We also only sell those particular models that still come equipped with standard screw-in light-bulb sockets. So that they can then still be used with the more commonly available “Smart” LED bulbs, which can be controlled and dimmed directly from your smartphone.

We also provide custom lengths of LED accent and foot lighting strips, which are also dimmable, can be controlled and change colour from your smartphone, and do not require an electrician to install.

home theater lighting

starlight ceiling

Theater Starlight Ceilings:  Utilizing unique custom manufactured 2’ x 2’ black ceiling panels, with multi-point fiber optic light sources embedded directly into them, this cost effective modular solution allows us to build truly impressive starlight ceiling installations for you, of almost any size. They come with their own custom controllers, connecting cables and are dimmable via remote control. These pre-made and connectable panels have definitely proven to be the least expensive way to accomplish this sort of sought after effect. And in a darkened room the results can really be quite breathtaking.

Theater Pilaster Columns:  Ever notice that a great many of the classic commercial cinemas all seemed to have incorporated decorative columns somewhere into their designs? Most true home theater enthusiasts have. Which is exactly why they also want them for their own theater rooms. And why we made the extra effort to finally find a good Canadian manufacturer we could source these kind of products from. They supply a number of different all wood construction kits, which are paintable and come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. All shipped from Ontario, and at a very reasonable price.

home theater columns

theater room funiture

Theater Seating:  If you spend some time looking online, you’ll find that the Internet is now awash with multiple web based importing distributors, all hocking cheaply made offshore home theater seating products, at supposedly 60% off, every day of the year? Even some of the big box stores have now resorted to promoting these substandard excuses for furniture.

Unfortunately, posted experience has shown, that once you get them home, about 80% of these offshore manufactured chairs usually prove to be of disturbingly poor quality construction, and are simply not worth buying, at any price

So what about the other 20%? Well that’s the ones we carry instead. Yes, they’re made in China. But no, you’re not dealing with some importer from south of the border, who’ll end up costing you a fortune, when you really need their help with coverage under their US based warranty.

No, our importer is Canadian. And offers a full one year “Canadian” warranty, that covers absolutely everything. No shipping to, or from the US is ever required.

Not only that, but upon close inspection, their chairs are clearly almost twice as well made, and for virtually the same price. And we’re not just talking about things like the use of what most of the others claim to be supposedly “top grain leather”. We’re talking about things like these guys taking the time to select only the top 20% of hides available, in order to produce a much better chair made with the highest 9000 grade Nappa quality top grain leather instead. The same kind you’d find in a high end German luxury sedan. What a noticeable difference! The choice is yours.

Movie Poster Frames:  We provide made to order high quality, commercial grade, Canadian made, and “CSA Approved”, LED backlit, anodized aluminum snap frames (in Black or Silver), for the most of the common movie poster sizes including 27” x 40”. We can also connect you directly with some of North Americas largest movie poster distributors, who have hundreds of the right “double sided” posters to choose from. Then, once you’ve received your order, and let us know the sizes, we will have the frames custom manufactured to your individual specifications, and delivered to you usually within 10 days. Optional installation services, including connection and custom wire concealment, is also available for an additional charge.

home theater with poster frames