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Home Automation & Wi-Fi

home automation


Powerful, easy to use, and Oh so convenient home automation, isn't just for the rich folks or geeks anymore. It has now become so affordable, and so much simpler to install and use than it used to be even just a couple of years ago, that virtually anyone can now afford to make their life easier by installing these kinds of nifty devices in their homes.

And with the majority of baby boomers now reaching the age where they just aren’t able to do what they used to, some of these products don’t just end up being handy and useful, but can also be at times, virtual lifesavers.

However, in order to get all these benefits at a cost you can still afford, the actual home automation control system you finally end up choosing, very much needs to be one that’s based on the less expensive industry standard open protocols and endpoint devices that are now currently available. Instead of the more expensive, closed and proprietary type systems, most often sold by the majority of supposedly smart home dealers and installers you usually run across.

What you need first off, is the kind of system that’s primarily based on some of most well known and commonly used protocols like Z-Wave or ZigBee. And one that will also communicate and work with some of the more popular consumer brand control hubs being sold, like the SmartThings hub from Samsung. Thus allowing you to take full advantage of the literally thousands of fairly inexpensive, revolutionary new controllable endpoint devices that are now finally available in many of the stores nationwide.

These are exactly the kinds of systems that we at True Home Theater have chosen to standardize on and provide for you instead. Only this way, can we then offer you a control system that also allows you the option to perform your own DIY configuration changes if you so choose. Instead of being stuck paying some high priced dealer for costly in-home service calls, designed primarily to make them more money every month by supporting their proprietary systems.

As another bonus, these more open kinds of systems also now allow you to much more easily and inexpensively add your own fully automated voice control capability. With devices such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home speakers, that are now currently on sale just about everywhere these days.


Here are just some of the more common solutions we are able to provide:


Commercial Grade Wi-Fi:  Before you go and try and install virtually any of these kinds of home automation products into your home, the most important thing you need to install first, is a rock solid Wi-Fi and high speed home network infrastructure as a foundation. Without which, virtually none of your new devices will ever end up working reliably or consistently at all. Cheap consumer grade Wi-Fi routers and switches from the big box stores will almost never do the job properly. That’s why we provide only true commercial grade, higher performance network product installations for you instead. Resulting in much more dependable, stable and secure Wi-Fi coverage to every corner of your home, for a system that simply “just works”.

home automate wifi

home automation lighting

Intelligent Lighting:  These days, there’s a huge number of competing smart home lighting products for sale all over the place. Including a wide variety of smart home switches, dimmers, plug in modules, controllable bulbs and all sorts of other gadgets. However, in our experience, there’s only one or two reputable smart bulb manufacturers worth looking at, that still seem to work reliably and consistently with the largest variety of control systems available. These are the much better option to standardize on. So, these are the only type we provide. Since, unlike dimmers and switches, they require no expensive electrician to install, and will work with almost any existing light fixture. They can also produce light in a rainbow of colours, and can be voice controlled via your Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit or Google Home speakers as well if you prefer.

Smart Home Security:  When it comes to security devices and home alarm systems, which used to cost you dearly each and every month, there are now a lot more cost effective choices available than ever before. Again, standardizing on systems which utilize less expensive open protocol based sensors and door locks etc., instead of proprietary sensors, is always the most cost effective way to go. Systems that also offer money saving self monitoring, including instant smart phone notification of alarm trips, as well as real time security camera viewing, instead of expensive monthly monitoring fees, is what most are choosing to install these days.

No matter the choice of system however, or how easy they might look, we still prefer to partner with established and skilled alarm system installation companies, to perform at least the equipment installation and configuration portion of these sorts of sophisticated home security system implementations for our customers. Better safe than sorry. Especially where your personal safety is involved.

home automate alarm

home automate temp

Climate Control:  No matter the season, you can always count on someone complaining that it’s either too hot, or too cold. But smart and remote controlled thermostats were not just created for those too lazy to get up off the couch. Their best trick, is their much more sophisticated intelligent programming and smartphone integration capabilities, which typically result in significant energy bill savings each and every month. However, over the last few years, as many online posts will show, some of the most popular smart thermostats currently being sold, have proven to be not so smart in the end, or reliable either.

Which is why when it comes to these particular sorts of devices, we prefer not to take any chances. And choose to install instead, only one or two of the more reliable and dependable smart models made by the much longer established and well known thermostat manufacturers, who’ve already been doing this sort of thing properly for decades. After all, if some cool looking, but lessor quality thermostat ends up accidentally cooking your furnace or burning out your air conditioner, it’ll end up costing you way more money than you’ll ever have saved. So, again, with all that’s at stake here, for the installation portion of these particular implementations, we also prefer to partner with qualified, certified and skilled HVAC service company technicians to do this part of the job for you.